Apache NiFi Data Flows

Assemble data processing pipelines rapidly and cost-effectively with Apache NiFi

Visual Visual

Visually develop and monitor your NiFi data flow through the web-base UI. Get immediate visual feedback and flow monitoring.

Flexible Agile

Evolve your data flow on the fly in response to business conditions, solution design, and performance needs.

Scalable Scalable

Scale your solution to match your business needs, from small instances for training up to performant and reliable clusters for production use.

Modular Modular

Build templates to package processing components for testing, reuse, and deployment of your customized flow program.

Connected Connected

NiFi has built-in interoperability with Apache Hadoop, Apache Solr, AWS services (S3, SQS, and SNS), generic HTTP web services, and more.

Track Verifiable

Track where data came from and how it traversed your data flow using NiFi's Provenance data and built-in inspection tools.

Seeing is Believing

See for yourself what makes Apache NiFi unique in the data flow and IoT space

Visual Development

NiFi Flow Management

Data Provenance

Data Provenance

Provenance FlowFile Detail

Provenance Event Detail

Build Custom Flows

Build Custom Flows

Flow Monitoring

Flow Monitoring

Flow Performance

Flow Performance