James Wing By James Wing on 2016-08-15

The latest NiFi release, 0.7.0, is now available in the AWS Marketplace as Apache NiFi provided by BatchIQ. You can read about the release in the official Apache NiFi Release Notes for 0.7.0. 0.7.0 is expected to be the last significant release before the big 1.0 release later this summer.

As always, I would like to call out a few exciting new AWS-related features:

  • DynamoDB - New processors for reading and writing to DynamoDB
  • Credentials - New options for providing AWS credentials including named profiles
  • ListS3 - New ListS3 processor for iterating over objects in an S3 bucket

AMI Updates

The BatchIQ AMI has also been improved:

  • NiFi-Init included
  • NiFi configuration now backed up daily

Anyone migrating from an earlier version of NiFi should take a look at our upgrade guidance.