James Wing By James Wing on 2016-04-21

The latest NiFi release, 0.6.1, is now available in the AWS Marketplace as Apache NiFi provided by BatchIQ. You can read about the release in the official Apache NiFi Release Notes for 0.6.0 and 0.6.1, but I would like to call out a couple of key AWS-related enhancements:

  • Lambda - New PutLambda processor for routing flow files to Lambda functions and capturing the Lambda response
  • Kinesis - New PutKinesisFirehose processor for routing flow files to Kinesis
  • S3 Multipart Upload - The PutS3Object processor has been upgrade with multi-part upload support for large objects

AMI Updates

The BatchIQ AMI has also been improved:

  • Updated to Amazon Linux 2016.03
  • Java 8 now included by default
  • CloudWatch Logs agent configured for NiFi, but not turned on by default (more).

Anyone migrating from an earlier version of NiFi should take a look at our upgrade guidance.